Flower Update & a Bird

I haven’t been taking my camera back to the house while going back to clear things out, but I always have my phone and its camera with me.  My Mock Orange is nicely blooming now and the Geranium in the pot on the steps is starting to bloom.

2014-12-07 111 (600x800)2014-12-07 113 (720x800)2014-12-07 110 (800x686)2014-12-07 109 (505x800)

I have found that a little Goldfinch likes the tree outside my balcony at the apartment.  🙂 I managed to get four 1/2 decent pictures of this active little guy but it was a windy day and the moving branches with the sun poking through in spots made focus a bit difficult.  I will have to find out what kind of tree this is.

2016-06-24 June 24 003 (800x752)2016-06-24 June 24 004 (800x600)2016-06-24 June 24 005 (800x600)2016-06-24 June 24 006 (800x600)

I love these colourful little birds and it is great that he comes to me instead of me having to try to sneak up on him.

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    1. There seem to be a lot of different Mock Oranges – I was first attracted to them because of the smell of one that I walked past often. So, I bought this one and planted it once I moved into the house 33 years ago. This one looks the same, but there is very little smell to the flowers. My next door neighbour has one also – it looks different and has not yet bloomed although it has been planted there for about 6 years.

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