Assiniboine Park Zoo – June (and Chester)

We will start with Chester – he is home from his weekend at the Emergency Vet Clinic and so far is doing just fine.  He is obviously glad to be home and I am thrilled to have him by my side again.  He is not a young dog and I know I won’t have him forever – but for now, we are happy.  He is on a ton of meds (3 new ones added) and has me too far in debt but we will manage.  Here is his current pile of meds.

2016-06-28 June 27 001 (800x478)

I had to wait until 4:00 pm to pick Chester up, so went over to the zoo to kill some time.  They have a dinosaur exhibit up for the summer and I thought I could check that out (as well as checking in on the regular critters there.

Love the Wolves!  I just saw 2 of them this trip.

Polar Bears were wresting and having fun.  I took a video of them too.

Rival – isn’t he a beauty!

Speaking of beauty – what a gorgeous Snow Leopard.  I only got a good look at this one, but there were 3 in the exhibit, so I assume this is either Mom or one of the pretty much grown up cubs from last year.

I have no idea what these black bushy tailed cow like critters are.  There was no sign on the exhibit.  They are in the exhibit that used to house the Zebras (who moved to a warmer climate.  We also have a Maribou Stork from another exhibit.

Edited to add that these are Yaks.

And the Dinosaurs.  For all the pictures – above and below, you can click on them to see a larger picture.

Everyone loves dinosaurs, so it is worth the time to wander through to see and hear these guys.  There are more in the exhibit that I expected to see and I had never even heard of many of them.

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  1. Sounds like a really fun day! The dino pics bring back some Jurassic Park inspired nightmares I used to have, lol! The animal pictures are super beautiful. The wolves are gorgeous. Hope Chester is OK and gets back to good health 🙂 Prayers for him coming your way.

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