I Went for a Walk

Today I decided it was time to really explore the path along the Seine River that runs behind my complex.

I decided to turn right when I got to the path and see if I could walk to the perimeter highway.  Unfortunately the path ended before the highway, so I turned back to see how far I could go the other way.

The path seems to end after 1.1 km from my original starting distance.  That is 1.1 km if taking the street, which is straight instead of following the river, which is not.  Next time I go, I’ll have to map my steps.  I would think the path is approximately twice the distance.

Looking at the map back at home, it seems as if the trail continues on the other side of the Seine River, where I thought it ended.  The first time it ended I crossed the bridge to look around, and saw no sign of a trail, but I did not cross the bridge at what I thought was the ending the other way.  Guess I’ll have to head back there and explore more another time.

It was a nice walk  on a nice day and I took plenty of pictures showing the muddy Seine River as I went.  🙂  Birds were singing in the trees and nature is at its best along a river, hidden from the busy city.  They always call the Red River a muddy river, but the Seine seems even muddier.

First part of the walk – up to the bridge and looking both ways along the river from the bridge.  You can click on individual pictures to see bigger sizes.

The second and longer part of the walk with the last picture showing the bridge that I walked up to after taking that picture.  I was surprised to see the water flowers – don’t know if those are water lilies or something else.

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