The Neverending Move

In some respects, it was nice to have lots of time to move out and move in – but since I had so much time, I didn’t rush and it feels like this interim period will never end now.  I still have 3 weeks to pay both mortgage (and related expenses) and rent and I still have stuff to get out of the house.

I sold a few items at the start that I knew would sell, but everything since then has been given away.  I had 2 charities come and load their trucks up with whatever they wanted.  Unfortunately they mostly wanted items in new condition.  If it was new condition, I could have sold it.  So, they left a lot.

I advertised the rest on Kijiji for free and a lot of it went, but not the big heavy stuff.  I have just put another ad on Freeshare in the hopes that it will go.  Before much more time, I will be looking for a truck with a couple of able bodied people to haul everything to the dump.

Meanwhile – my Clematis is now flowering.

2014-12-07 011 (582x800)

I decided to explore the area just past where I had walked before – but this time I walked alone the sidewalks to get there.  It has been raining and I knew mosquitos would be thick in the bush.  So, I walked to the bridge and found a path on the other side of the river that continues.  I don’t know how far it continues, since as soon as I entered the bush, the mosquitos found me.

This path is gravel for a very short distance and then turns to dirt.  I did get a few pictures though.

2014-12-07 001 (584x800)2014-12-07 003 (600x800)2014-12-07 004 (600x800)

Taken from under the bridge looking South
Taken from under the bridge looking North.
Taken under the bridge, looking south.
Taken under the bridge, looking south.
Taken while standing on the bridge looking north
Taken while standing on the bridge looking north.

I found another trail that I will be walking soon.  It runs all the way from St. Anne’s Road to St. Marys Road and is 2.9 km one way – so that would be a nice stroll.  It looks like it goes through some parks and is always in a green area so should be very nice.

In 3 more weeks I will only have 1 residence to worry about!

Oh – I have booked for Kruger National Park so I’ll tell you more about that soon.  🙂