We’re Getting There

I have just over 2 weeks to go until I am just down to having 1 home again.  Then another 3-4 weeks until I get the money from the sale of the house.  It is pretty scary paying for 2 homes and related expenses on just my pensions, so this will really be a relief once it is finally done.

On Wednesday I had a couple of young men from 1-800 Got Junk come over and empty out all the leftovers, after the 2 charity pickups and anyone else who answered my ads in Kijiji or Freeshare had taken what they wanted.  I was surprised at how much was left over, but I had mainly been looking at and thinking about the actual furniture.  Under the basement stairs was a mess of wood, doors, windows and stuff.  They kept digging until they finally had the place empty and had filled a full truck plus 1/6 of another one.

Now that the house is completely empty, I can get started with cleaning.  I have never been considered a Susy Homemaker or Mrs Clean, so have hired a cleaning company who will be coming in next week.  I got on some of the things, like the nose prints off the windows with my Magic Eraser yesterday.  I want the cleaners to look after the basics as I’m sure they have a better eye at picking out what needs to be done without spending too much time on nose prints.  I will have them wash the entire windows in the hopes that they can avoid streaks better than I can though.

They will be doing vacuuming, sweeping and mopping the floors, cleaning the oven, sinks, counters and cupboards.  I don’t honestly know how much 2 people can do in 2 hours, so will just put chores in the order that they need to be done and will have to finish whatever is left over when their time is up.

It didn’t rain yesterday, so I got the grass cut and hopefully just one more cutting before I turn it over to the new owners.  I hope I can sell the lawn mower quickly when I am finished with it.

I already know I will be moving again next year.  I only moved into this place because it was almost the only apartment I could find that would take dogs as big as Chester was.  The only other place I found did not have an elevator and I knew he would have problems walking up 3 flights of stairs every time we came & went.  The rent here is too high for me to consider staying when the lease comes up though – so I will be looking for another place and moving again.  There will be a lot less stuff to worry about on my next move.

2016-07-15 July 15 001 (800x600)

My poor rosebush has had a rough time since we moved.  I thought that by taking it out of the ground and being on the 2nd floor it would be safe from leaf eaters, but it was eaten badly within a few days of arriving here.  I didn’t see anything on it, but there was hardly anything left of many of the leaves when I got some bug spray and started giving it a regular spray.  So, now we have new leaves coming out and it is looking much better – although it still has a long way to go.  Hopefully it will recover enough to flower.

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    1. Thanks Sue. I expected to have him for much longer than just the 2 weeks after we moved though. Yes, definately a member of the family from when I got him until when I had to let him go.

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