A Couple of Walks

I have no pictures of my first walk from a few days ago.  I only went out to see if I could walk to the Perimeter Highway, which isn’t too far from my apartment.  I can see the traffic lights for it when I make my u-turn to get to my place.

I hadn’t gone far when I found out that the sidewalk doesn’t go all the way though, so I would have to walk along the shoulder of the road.  That didn’t appeal to me, but I noticed that the sidewalk turned and headed towards the condos at the end, so I walked along there.

That sidewalk ended at a gravel road and it was headed back the way I came from.  I wondered if it was the same gravel road that I found when following the trail along the Seine River heading south – so I followed it.  The road crossed over a bridge, but I hadn’t gone far at that point, so figured if it was the road, there must be another bridge – so I kept on going.  It was a beautiful walk – just like walking along a country road.  I saw a deer out in the field, heard lots of birds and was enjoying the walk, when the road came to a bridge – but ended after the bridge, except for a turn before the bridge that headed a different direction.

So – that couldn’t be the road that I thought it was – so I turned and headed back where I had come from.  It wasn’t until I was back in my apartment that I realized that the first bridge WAS the same bridge I had walked over that other time.  The trail that I came out on was just before the bridge, but since I wasn’t looking for it that soon, I didn’t see it. I’ll take my camera next time I go on that walk.

This morning, before heading over to the house, I went to Fort Whyte Alive for another walk.  I have pictures and a short video of this walk.  🙂

2016-07-15 July 15 002 (800x562)
Canada Geese
2016-07-15 July 15 003 (800x599)
White Pelican
2016-07-15 July 15 004 (800x599)
Baby Painted Turtles (above & below)  It is hard to determine size in a picture – but these 2 were pretty little guys ( maybe 2″ length).  They were about the size of the ones we used to keep as pets in the little plastic turtle bowls many years ago.

2016-07-15 July 15 006 (800x599)

2016-07-15 July 15 010 (800x336)
Mallard Duck family (above & below)

2016-07-15 July 15 011 (800x599)

2016-07-15 July 15 013 (800x600)
I can’t resist the little Red Squirrels.
2016-07-15 July 15 016 (800x599)
Wild Flowers (above & below)

2016-07-15 July 15 018 (800x605)

2016-07-15 July 15 029 (600x800)
Two days in a row without rain, but the paths are still full of puddles.

At one of the little ponds, it was just so peaceful – birds were singing, dragonflies were busy catching mosquitoes, tadpoles and water-bugs were swimming in the water – so I took a video.  🙂



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