There suddenly seem to be a lot of new puppies in my complex, so I am getting quite a few puppy kisses.

They aren’t all new though – and there are still quite a few dogs here that I’ll have to get to know.

First I met Bamboo, who is a little Shihtzu.  Bamboo is an adult dog.

Next was Atticus, who looks like a lab, but not sure about his colour.  I’ll have to ask next time I see him.  He is the biggest & oldest puppy at 12 weeks now.

Next is Patches, and she is a 7 week old Australian Shepherd.

And this afternoon I met Finnigan, and she is a 6 1/2 week old Weimaraner.

I haven’t taken pictures of these adorable little guys yet but I’m sure I will one day.

I had been a bit worried about Atticus because for a week after they first got him, I saw him with his mom or dad several times a day.  Then one day I heard him crying in their suite for quite awhile and after that nothing for several days.  I didn’t see them or him and I didn’t hear anything in the apartment, so I was worried that something happened.  But yesterday I saw him again and all is fine.  He grew in those days and was very happy to see me too.

Patches and Finnigan have only been here for a day or 2.

It is not the same as having my own dog, but these dogs and puppies will have to do.

Angie and Casey (584x800)

Just so I have a picture, here is my daughter Angie (taken a few years ago) and Casey, who was a Nova  Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever.

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