I Got Lost

I decided to tackle the 3km path from St. Anne’s Rd to St. Mary’s Rd yesterday.  Of course, there is the .7 km to get to the path and there is the return trip too.

I didn’t end up going all the way to St. Mary’s Rd though.  It was a nice enough path, but it was just an asphalt path through grassy areas – nothing very exciting.

When I got to Dakota Street, I decided to turn off and take a different route back home.  I followed Dakota until I got to John Forsyth Rd since I figured it would be heading back to St. Annes Rd.

As I am walking along I am amazed at the huge green-space beside the schools I saw.  There is enough green-space to have football field, soccer field, baseball field and huge playgrounds as well as just large grass open areas.   I past 2 different schools and both had all this grass.

John Forsyth Rd is a nice residential area and I was enjoying looking at the homes as I was walking.  The street had a lot of turns in it, so I was never sure which way I was going, but felt I was still heading for St. Anne’s Rd.  Suddenly I came to a dead end with construction going on as new home were being built right where the road should be.  Most of the roads going off this street were little bays or just turnarounds to I had to backtrack my steps for a few blocks before I came to a through street.

The sign for this street was Aldgate – but I thought Aldgate went the same way as John Forsyth and it comes out on St. Anne’s Rd very close to my apartment.  The street I was on, was not John Forsyth as it had changed to Ravensden Dr at Aldgate.  Guess I’ll have to start looking at street signs when I go for walks.

Then I wasn’t sure which way to go, since I was obviously turned around due to the curves on John Forsyth Rd.

I did manage to pick the right way and at that point, I was almost home.  🙂

So – google maps tells me that the first part of the walk to Dakota was 2 km and the 2nd part on the way home was 2.2 km (not taking my detour into account).  I would guess the total to be a 3 km walk though.  I didn’t manage to catch the entire detour in my picture.

2016-07-18 July 18 002 (800x600)
Starting point as I went out the door.
2016-07-18 July 18 007 (800x600)
Just have to cross the street and I’ll be on the trail.

2016-07-18 July 18 008 (800x600)

2016-07-18 July 18 009 (800x600)
Start of the trail

2016-07-18 July 18 010 (800x600) 2016-07-18 July 18 013 (800x600)

2016-07-18 July 18 015
First large school field
2016-07-18 July 18 022 (800x600)
This is Dakota, where I turned off the trail and headed south.
2016-07-18 July 18 024 (800x600)
Walking along Dakota
2016-07-18 July 18 029 (800x600)
Second large school green with piles of dirt – not sure why that was dumped here



2016-07-18 July 18 032 (800x600)
The sidewalk ended every couple of blocks for these driveways with private access to the home driveways.
2016-07-18 July 18 034 (800x600)
Oh oh – sidewalk ends on both side of the street and the only vehicle that I saw drive down there made a u-turn and came back out.
2016-07-18 July 18 035 (800x600)
Looks like time to turn around
Back on track
Back on track
2016-07-18 July 18 037 (800x600)
Home again
My route traced in yellow
My route traced in yellow.  The yellow that goes off the map is part of my detour.

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  1. Looks an exciting place to explore. I’m sure if Chester was around he would not have let you get lost. still, I believe he is with you in spirit. Nice to know you can share other peoples dogs in your block. sounds like you are settling in well – Love Mary and Benji

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