Up, Up and Away

Sometime last year, I bought myself a ticket to fly in a hot air balloon with Sundance Balloons.  Since then I found out that Winnipeg weather is often not good for flying.  Between the winds and the rains and the foggy days, it may be difficult to actually get to fly – but I can honestly tell you that it was worth the wait.

Last night, the message indicated that we would be flying today.  This wasn’t the first time I received that message, but I headed out to meet them at Kildonan Park at 5:30 am in the hopes that this time we would get up there.

When I saw them unloading the balloon from the truck, I knew that this was the time and we would be going up!

Eleven people were booked for this flight, but only eight of us were there – plus the crew.  Let me tell you that these people have a lot of work to do to get the balloon ready for flight and to put everything away after the flight.

I have a few videos and lots of pictures  🙂


Getting ready.

In the Air.

Abraham took the group picture (of course) and he took one of each of us individually, so the one of me right under the group picture was taken by him also.

Great views!  We scared the cattle a bit, but they soon stopped to watch us.

We saw 3 deer, but I wasn’t able to zoom in quickly enough to get a picture.

Back on the ground and getting things put away.

After everything was put away, we had a glass (or 2) of champagne.

I asked Abraham what the weight of the balloon was and he did not have an exact answer, but estimated that the balloon by itself would weight approximately 300 kg and the basket approximately 250 kg.

The videos show the balloon being filled, the beginning of the flight and getting things put away after the flight.  The pictures don’t show the rest of the crew, but the videos show them all working hard.  We have Abraham – the pilot, and  Mariana – who got to fly with us, but was also working, Safi and Fred, who helped get things ready, then drove to meet us after the flight and helped put everything away.


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