More from Fort Whyte Alive

Yesterday I showed you the Pelican pictures I took at Fort Whyte Alive, but of course, I took other pictures too.

As always, you can click on any individual picture to see a larger version.

The Birds – Canada Geese, Mallard Duck and a young Robin.

Painted Turtles.

While watching and taking pictures of these turtles, I was talking to a man who has been coming to Forte Whyte for many years.  I mentioned that there seems to be more of them every year I come and he replied that the population goes in cycles.  There are more and more of them each year – suddenly the population crashes and then begins to slowly increase again . The numbers are certainly higher this year than last year, and the first year I came there were hardly any – so that makes sense.

Wild Flowers

Butterfly and Bison.