My First Rose

My poor rose has had a pretty rough journey this year, starting with the worms eating the leaves as they came out, back at the house.

I hadn’t planned on digging it up and moving it with me until then, but I now thought it would be better off in  a pot on a balcony where it wouldn’t be eaten.

Little did I know that there would be something here that would eat it just as badly while here on the balcony.  All the nice new leaves that came out to replace the worm eaten ones, had holes all over them a few days after we moved.

I have no idea what is eating the leaves, but almost every day, I have been spraying it since then and finally my first rose is beginning to open.  It has 2 more buds on it, so things are looking good.

2016-07-30 July 20 003 (800x599)2016-07-30 July 20 002 (800x599)


10 thoughts on “My First Rose

  1. What a gorgeous red, I love the colour. Nice to have something from the old house. My Mother’s white rose has also moved with me and had put it in a pot and thought I’d lost it but a profusion of flowers now on it. Hope you find that tiny destroyer. x

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