Life Goes On

Well, I am officially no longer a homeowner.  🙂

But, it will still be 2-4 weeks before I have been paid for the house that I no longer own.

In the meantime, the water & hydro bills have to be processed, so the lawyer can pay the water bill and the loan on the hydro bill.  The water bill produced the first problem by sending an estimated bill – after I previously had a couple of conversations with them asking if they wanted me to read the bill a week before the possession or the day before possession.  They assured me that they knew about the dates for possession and after would be fine.  The estimated bill is greatly over estimated and because the water bill stays will the house, that means that the new owner would get the credit for it.  I have asked them for an adjusted bill, so will now just have to wait for it.  The timing for the hydro bill fit in nicely with the possession date so that one should not be a problem.

Anyway – back at the house, I have had my last raspberries from the bushes at the back.  This wasn’t a good year for them, but there were a few nice juicy ones. They are still coming, so the new owners will get some too.  My (well – not mine any more) Day Lilies are going to have a lot of flowers this year and I got pictures of the first few.

2016-07-27 Aug 3 002 (800x599)

2016-07-27 Aug 3 003 (461x800)

You can see many of the buds coming along in these pictures too.  🙂


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