Third Walk – Third Deer

Yesterday morning, I decided to walk along the country road near my apartment again.  The first 2 times, I saw a deer each time and was wondering if there was any chance it would be 3 for 3.

I just brought a little camera with me that doesn’t have much zoom, so I was hoping that anything I saw would be nice and close.

I was in luck!  🙂  The deer was a young buck, just growing his antlers and he was very close.  I was on the road and only the ditch separated us as he was right on the edge of the field.  There were some tall weeds and some bushes between us also and since this little camera also has a little viewer (and I hadn’t brought my glasses), I wasn’t sure if any of the pictures would be focused.

I talked to him and he looked right at me.  🙂

2016-08-02 Aug 3 001 (800x599)2016-08-02 Aug 3 002 (800x599)2016-08-02 Aug 3 003 (800x599)2016-08-02 Aug 3 004 (800x599)2016-08-02 Aug 3 005 (800x599)2016-08-02 Aug 3 007 (800x637)

I said bye to this very handsome guy and continued my walk, only to see a little bunny a short distance ahead of me.  As they usually do, this guy froze where he was, thinking that I didn’t see him.  So, I took a picture and walked closer and then repeated.

2016-08-02 Aug 3 008 (800x599)2016-08-02 Aug 3 009 (800x599)2016-08-02 Aug 3 010 (800x599)2016-08-02 Aug 3 011 (800x580)2016-08-02 Aug 3 012 (800x596)

The bunny took off into the taller grass after the last picture.  I walked until the road ended and the other once branched off before turning back.  I was quite happy when the deer was still there and willing to pose for more pictures.  🙂

2016-08-02 Aug 3 013 (800x599)2016-08-02 Aug 3 014 (800x599)2016-08-02 Aug 3 015 (800x599)2016-08-02 Aug 3 016 (800x598)

I’d say this was a Bambi / Thumper kind of morning.  🙂

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