Apartment Living

I have now been living in apartment for almost 2 months.  Other than for 1 year when I first moved out of my parents’ home, I have always lived in a house.  The apartment I lived in for that 1 year is really in my distant memory though. I remember that I lived on the top floor of a 3 story building, so I didn’t have anyone walking above me and it was a corner suite, so I could get some air movement from the windows opening in different directions.

This time I am on the 2nd floor and I can hear the people above me when they walk from room to room and my windows all face the same direction.  I have a fan in front of the balcony doors to bring air in, since it doesn’t come in as easily as when the windows face different directions.

One thing about apartment living is that the owners can come in pretty much whenever they like, just by giving 24 hours notice that they plan to come in and letting you know whatever it is that they want to do.  They let you know that they would like you to be there, but if you can’t, they will enter anyway.

I had possession, but hadn’t moved in (other than a few boxes) when I got my first notice of entry.  I was there that day anyway, emptying boxes when they came in to check the fire alarms.

On Thursday last week, I received one of these notices saying they wanted to put window stops on the windows.  The windows do stop before they get to the end, so I wasn’t sure what that meant.  I decided to be there when they came, so I hung around the apartment.  Unfortunately, I hadn’t read the date – just saw the 24 hour notice part.  It wasn’t until the afternoon when I looked at it closer and saw that it said Monday – so they were giving quite a bit more than 24 hours notice on the 24 hour notice.  I arranged to hang around again on Monday, but in the early afternoon, I saw another notice stuck in my door saying it would be on Tuesday.

He did come on Tuesday and I found out that the windows stops were to prevent the windows from opening more than 4 inches. So, my windows that gave a nice opening of about 20 inches were now down to 4 inches.  I asked why they were doing this and his answer was that some rooms had the bed in front of the bedroom window or a couch in front of the living room window and that children were opening the window and then opening the screen, which was very unsafe.

I told him that I don’t have any children and I don’t have either the bed or couch in front of the window anyway and that I would prefer to be able to open the windows more than 4 inches.  I think he has been getting these comments from a lot of people (especially in my building, since it is a mature building – meaning that everyone is over 18) so he said that if I didn’t like it, I could remove it as several people told him they would be doing.  He still installed the 2nd one anyway as his job was to do it and he could say he did.  I didn’t remove them completely – just moved them over to the far side, so the windows would open all the way again.  That way they won’t get lost and I can put them back whenever I move out.

I can certainly see the point in putting these locks on windows where there are children who could fall out, but kind of silly to put them in suites where there are no children.  The other 2 buildings in the complex have quite a few families with children.

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I took a walk down the country road near me the other day and for the first time did not see a deer.  I did however listen to the birds singing and watch this butterfly move from flower to flower as I enjoyed the fresh air.

Still no word on when I will receive my money from the sale of the house.  I have found out from some American friends on FaceBook that on the date of possession there, the new owner gets the house and the seller gets the money at the same time.  The paperwork is done after the offer is accepted instead of waiting until the possession date to start it like it is done here.  I don’t know if all of Canada does it backwards like this or not, but it makes so much more sense for the house and the money to be exchanged at the same time on possession date.