St. Vital Park

I have lived fairly close to St. Vital Park for about 1/2 my life, but it is not a place that I ever go unless someone has scheduled an activity there (which doesn’t often happen).  I think I was at a toboggan party there many years ago and a picnic put on by one of my jobs last year.

Anyway, when thinking of a place to walk yesterday, I thought of St. Vital Park and I headed over there.  I parked at the duck pond and started walking around the pond.  Tons of Canada Geese and several ducks – both Mallard and Wood were in and around the pond.

If you click on an individual picture, you can see a larger size and scroll through the rest of the pictures in that group if you like.

The Canada Geese certainly outnumber the rest.

Two young Wood Ducks – and a very young Mallard Duckling on all its own.

About 1/2 way around the duck pond, I noticed some flower beds and took a detour to walk around and take some flower pictures.

I also walked along a path beside the Red River, but there wasn’t much on or around the river to take pictures of.  It might be nice to go on the other side of the river to take pictures towards the park one day though.

I think I’ll be back there again soon as I only covered a very small portion of the park.

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  1. Thanks blosslyn – yes, it was a very nice walk. I can’t resist taking pictures of the wildfowl (or any other critter) either – even thought I have plenty in my files already. 🙂


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