Some Progress & Some Trip Planning

It seems like I have been waiting forever to receive the proceeds from the sale of my house.  Well – I’m still waiting, but the mortgage, line of credit and personal loan have all been paid off!  🙂  They were all paid by my lawyer a few days ago though, and I am still waiting for them to let me know I can pick up the rest.

I think I can get used to looking at my bank statement and not seeing any minus signs – and I plan on keeping it that way.

In the meantime, I have been busy making travel plans and spending some of the money I haven’t received yet.  Most of you know that I love to travel, but I haven’t been doing any lately for a couple of reasons.  Both reasons are somewhat related – money was one and Chester was another.  Chester and all his meds and vet bills were part of the reason I didn’t have the money and I simply couldn’t have left him with anyone to look after  due to all the meds he had to take.  When I went to South Africa four years ago, I left him with my daughter, so he was able to stay at home and he was fine.  Of course, I would have been fine with my non-travel life in order to keep him longer, but that was not my decision to make.

My first destination is Vancouver to visit my daughter who moved there over a year ago and I haven’t seen since.  I will be driving there sometime next month and will stay a few days.  On the way, I will stop at my sister’s place in Calgary and I will also head over to Vancouver Island to visit my brother once I am that far west.

I am thinking about adding some time and miles onto the trip back home, by going through Banff and Jasper in Alberta and then following the Yellowhead Highway back towards Winnipeg.  I may also take an additional detour and stay north a bit longer to drive through Riding Mountain National Park on the way back.  I have no idea how long I’ll be away or how long I’ll stay in each place I go.  I don’t even know what day I’ll be leaving for sure and I may just return the same way I go.  I am going to have to make sure I have they money from the house before leaving and at some point, I’ll have to pick the dates.

My next trip is a quick, but long, one day trip To Churchill to hopefully find some Polar Bears in the wild.  Other hopeful sightings could be Arctic Foxes, Beluga Whales, Snowy Owls – and maybe more.  The day starts off very early and ends very late.

After that and sometime next year is my return trip to Kruger National Park in South Africa.  That trip will be a little over one month long and I will be staying in several of the camps where I stayed last time, plus a few different ones.  I am thrilled to be able to make a return trip there and am so looking forward to it.

Aug 16 212 (800x600) (2)

This beautiful Cheetah was lying very close to the road one day when I was in Kruger National Park in 2012.  She didn’t seem to mind all the vehicles stopping while the occupants admired her and took pictures.