Vacation Plant Care

My upcoming vacations to British Columbia and then South Africa mean that I won’t be home to look after my plants.  It has been years since I’ve been away for more than a day or 2 and before that my daughter looked after them.

First I told my mother that I would be showing up at her place with all my plants, but then I decided to see if there were ideas online about vacation plant care.

I did find one idea that seems like it would work and I am trying it out now in the hopes that it will be the solution.

I have all my small plants grouped together on a table with a container of water.  Each plant has a strip of a t-shirt acting as a wick between the water and the individual plant pots.  The wick has been pushed down into the soil in each pot.  The 3 larger plants are also grouped together around another container of water with similar t-shirt wicks.

There are 8 small plants.


It did not take long for the wicks to get wet and start transferring water into the individual pots.  I have no idea how long these containers will last or how much water the plants will need over extended vacations – so my trip to British Columbia will give me ideas about that.

I may need more or larger containers or this amount of water might be just fine for a longer time away.

If anyone has other suggestions that might work, I would appreciate hearing about them.  I will let you know later how this works.