The Drive Begins – Winnipeg to Calgary

It is time to go west.  First thing on Monday morning, I hopped into the car and headed out in the darkness.  First stop would be Calgary.

It was a chilly 12C in Winnipeg.  Interesting looking clouds appeared as the sun was coming up.

Shortly after crossing the border into Saskatchewan, the temperature dropped and showers started – so not much to look at in that province.  It was very windy and just 6C when I stopped for gas and I was sorry my jacket was in the suitcase instead of on me.  Using the wipers due to the rain did clean the bugs off my windshield though.

In Alberta the sun came out and it was beautiful.

I went from Central Daylight Savings Time in Manitoba to Central Standard Time in Saskatchewan, which is the same as Mountain Daylight Savings Time, where I ended up in Calgary.  I got to visit with my sister Sharon and her husband John (who had a bed all ready for me), and their daughter Heather and Heather’s daughter Sydney as we all went out for dinner.

I had my GPS on, but didn’t really need it until getting close to Calgary.  For a long time, it showed that I would be turning off the Trans Canada Highway before reaching Calgary, but I remembered going in on #1A before, so that is what I expected this time also.  It had me turn off onto a different highway though, so before proceeding very far, I gave Sharon a call to ask her if it was leading me the wrong way.  She was surprised, but said it would get me there ok and it did.  I just got to use a new highway.

My pictures are just the sky shots taken in Manitoba and Saskatchewan.  They were taken while I was driving by just holding the little camera up and snapping without really looking.  They aren’t great pictures, but I was surprised they turned out as well as they did under the circumstances.

It was a good day for driving and not much traffic on the roads to slow things down, although it was all 4 lane highway anyway.