2nd Driving Day – Calgary to Port Coquitlam

I got another fairly early start on Tuesday – but waited until it started to get light to get moving.  I don’t mind driving in the dark around home, but in a city that I don’t know at all, I thought it might be better to wait a bit before heading out.  Sharon and John both got up very early to see me off.  I will be stopping back again on my way home.

I am glad I bought myself a GPS before this trip, as I would have been lost very quickly otherwise.  I did make a couple of wrong turns, since the ‘turn right now’ message meant the one right after the one I was at.  I would have seen that if I looked at the map on it instead of just listening though.

Once I was on the highway, it didn’t take long to get into the beautiful mountains.  I don’t think I could ever get tired of looking at these. There have been clouds covering the tops of the mountains most time I have been here before but on this day, the sky was blue with hardly a cloud in sight. I would like to have stopped and taken some pictures, but didn’t know how long this drive would be and did not want to arrive in Vancouver in the dark.  I did stop once, but otherwise, used the same method of taking pictures as I did the day before.  I did not see any critters in the National Parks that I went through, but due to the number of vehicles on these roads, they have limited the critters’ access to the highways.  Fences line the highways and they have grass covered bridges that cross over as well as large under the road culverts for them to use.

Quite a bit of the highway today was 2 lanes – one lane each direction, which takes time with the trucks and the up and down mountain roads – but they are very busy fixing the highways to make them 4 lanes.  There were a few times that traffic was halted as we had to stop until they had time to let us pass.  The speed limit is only 90 km on the 2 lane highways.  I finally hit the new stretch that varies from 4 to 6 lanes and the speed limit jumped up to 120 km and we really moved along then.

I just crossed one time zone today, going into Pacific Daylight Savings Time – so gained one more hour.  I arrived in Vancouver shortly after 4:00 pm and was comfortably settled into my hotel room (after they upgraded me) some time after 5:00 pm.  I am staying at the Poco Inn & Suites, which is very close to where my daughter Angie lives in Port Coquitlam.

My GPS got me right to my hotel very nicely.

Today, I have pictures of mountains that turned out better than I expected with my method of holding the camera up and pointing it in the general direction I wanted a picture  while driving and just snapping.  I got a picture of the critters road crossing bridges over the highways and then some pictures of my hotel room – including the very interesting looking faucet in the bathroom.

As usual, please click on the pictures for larger versions.  🙂

Two full days of driving has really messed up my step average for my FitBit so I will have to do some serious walking over the next few days.