Day 3 – Port Coquitlam 1


Angie came over this morning and we had breakfast in the hotel restaurant.  We sat and talked and caught up with things as we ate.  It has been over a year since she moved away from Winnipeg to Port Coquitlam (where they have no snow), and although we have talked on the phone, sent texts and chatted on facebook, those are not quite the same as sitting down and talking.  It was nice catching up, but then she had to go to work.

Angie gave me directions on how to get to a couple of places to walk.  I really needed to walk after 2 full days of driving.  She suggested driving to these places and then walking, but since they were in walking distance and I needed to walk, I headed out on foot.  Once I got there, I was a little sorry I hadn’t driven there, since my feet were feeling the walk and I didn’t really walk far once I got there.  It was a beautiful day to be out walking though and a beautiful area to spend the time.

As I began my walk back, I was advised that a Black Bear had just crossed the road where I was headed.  We had all heard a shot though and he had most likely been scared off by that.  I walked anyway – just keeping an eye out, but did not see any sign of him.

My FitBit was quite happy with my steps today and I did get some nice pictures while I was at the river.

My hotel is very close to a bridge that goes over railway tracks, so I decided to walk up the bridge to take pictures.  I got pictures of the trains, the tracks and of my hotel with my car parked in front.

Angie is not working the next 2 days, so we plan on spending more time together and seeing some sights.

As usual, you can click on one picture and then scroll through the rest in larger size.  This way anything I have added as description can be seen.

Tomorrow is supposed to be another beautiful day, so Angie and I have plans.