Day 4 – Port Coquitlam 2

This morning Angie arrived to pick me up and we headed for Grouse Mountain (after stopping for breakfast on the way).  It was time to take a ride up the mountain to see what we could see.

It was another beautiful day and the message at the bottom of Grouse Mountain said visibility was unlimited.  🙂

We were a little surprised at how may people fit into the large gondola that we took for the ride up.  Both of us had been on previous rides at other mountains that used much smaller gondolas and a maximum of 6-8 people per car. But this one held a lot more and it was mostly standing room, with a bench on each end that held about 8 people.  I didn’t attempt to count, but there were at least 50 in our gondola, and we saw others that had several more than that crammed in.  We thought it was already full when a bus load of people arrived and they all fit in too, after everyone shuffled around to let them fit in.  Unfortunately it made taking pictures on the ride very difficult. I pretty much held onto a spot I head near one of the windows, but the smudges and scratches on the windows and the reflection of people inside, made many of my pictures unusable.

We watched a bit of the lumberjack show, which was quite well put on and very funny.  We walked around the Grizzley Bear enclosure and actually got to see both of these big guys.  They called them cubs, but it seems they are 15 years old.  They were both found, on their own, as cubs in 2001.  They are Grinder and Coola and seem quite comfortable in their home.

They had a bird flight show, but unfortunately the times for the show were not posted anywhere, so we didn’t get to see it.  It also took awhile before we found a lookout to take pictures down the mountain.

The ride down was uneventful and much less crowded in the gondola.  We had some lunch and then went to a park near where Angie works.  We walked around and onto a pier to look around.  Very beautiful there also – but with mountains and water, there is no way it would not be beautiful.  Angie said there was a nice lake on the other side of the hill and offered to take me there for some trail walking – so that is where we headed.

It was a nice little lake with a couple of sand beaches along with the trail that went most of the way around it.  There was a dock near one end that went all the way across to the other side, so we had to cover that too.  Some of the trees in the forest were very interesting to see.

My FitBit was quite happy with me again today and I got lots of pictures to show you.