Day 5 – Chilliwack

This morning Angie and I decided to drive to Chilliwack to visit a couple of nature areas that we found in my CAA book.

The first on the list was Bridal Veil Falls in Bridal Veil Falls Provincial Park.  It took us awhile, because it was not well marked at all, but we finally found it.  We walked up to the falls through a very interesting forest and took some pictures at the falls and during the walk..

We saw a sign for a Mineral Museum and decided to check that out while we were there, but it was just few items on a shelf in a gift shop in a gas station store.  So, we headed out to look for a nature reserve that was supposed to be just across the highway.  This also was not well marked at all, but we finally found it and wandered around a bit.  It was nice to be out walking in the fresh air, but there are basically no critters around at this time of year.

We then decided to try one more before heading for home.  Again, the trip was not made easy due to a lack of signs, but we found it.   As we came to expect, this one was also lacking critters of any kind, but it was still a nice day and we went for a walk in the fresh air, so it was not a waste.

Each of these places was really only found with the use of our phones and google maps.

My FitBit was happy with me again.  🙂  Forest walks in British Columbia have enough hills that I not only get my steps in – I also get my stairs covered too.

Tomorrow I have a reservation for a ferry ride over to Vancouver Island.