Day 7 – Fanny Bay

The day started out cool and cloudy with a threat of rain, but turned out to be not too bad for doing some walking – so we took a couple of walking trips.

First up was a trail that starts just inside Doug and Erin’s back yard and goes right to the water at Fanny Bay.  There is a wildlife refuge right behind their place and the trail goes alongside that right to the ocean.

When we got to the ocean, the tide was partially out, so there were plenty of little pockets of water left behind in depressions and we looked carefully for anything moving.  We did find a couple of tiny crabs – ab0ut 1/4 inch long (very tiny), but we did find some wildlife.  🙂

There were birds around the bay too – Gulls, Oyster Catchers, Great Blue Heron, and something that I am not sure what it was (but I have pictures).  I didn’t take pictures of the Gulls though. Thanks to my friend Karen, I know know these mystery birds are Black Turnstone Sandpipers.  Thanks Karen.

After the trail and the bay part of the walk, we covered quite a bit of distance around the entire neighbourhood, ending back at their yard from the other end of the path.  🙂

After lunch we headed up a Mount Washington, where there were trails to follow.  We went for a wonderful walk through one of the short trails and enjoyed the scenery and the Whiskey Jacks.

Erin took a couple of pictures of Doug and I while on this trail.  🙂

My FitBit was happy with me today.  🙂

7 thoughts on “Day 7 – Fanny Bay

  1. The mystery birds are black turnstone sandpipers. I didn’t know that before. I just looked them up. Lol. I love the pictures of the little birds. They came out very nicely.

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    1. Thanks for the info Karen. I could have looked them up too, but internet is pretty slow here now. I’ll edit once I get back home (or wherever I find a network with speed). 🙂


  2. Great photos again, Mavis. The whisky jacks look so close. So cute! I looked up the mystery birds too but see that someone beat me to identifying them. You’ll have to come back and go to the other side of the island some time (Pacific Rim National Park) — you’d love it.

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