Day 8 – Fanny Bay to Port Coquitlam

It rained over night, but we woke up to a beautiful morning today.

Doug and Erin have a beautiful stained glass of Stellar Jays on a sunflower hanging in their window and they told me the story about it.  So – I took a picture of it to tell you about it too.  Erin had taken a picture of the Jays on a sunflower in their yard and it was published in the local paper.  A lady contacted her to ask if she could use the picture to do a stained glass and she consented.  Later, Doug saw the project was complete and he bought it to give to Erin.  The original picture was great to start with and this stained glass piece is wonderful!


Doug and Erin have been quite active with cat rescue, fostering and re-homing the unfortunately large numbers of abandoned and/or feral cats.  Currently they have one cat (Charlie) who started out as a fostered cat and they have a foster that had been feral and was terrified in the shelter, so they brought him home in the hopes he will settle down.  He is actually doing quite good and I saw progress in the short time I was there.  I took 2 pictures of Charlie since he was so accommodating


After our breakfast of home made raisin bread, I started packing up to get ready to head back to Port Coquitlam.  I was booked on the 3:10 ferry back, but realized that it landed at 4:20 – putting me in the evening rush hour traffic, so decided to go earlier and hope I could catch the one before that left at 12:50.  I could have paid an extra $9. to have my reservation changed to that one, but since I didn’t have any problem taking a earlier ferry on the way over, I decided to just keep that and go early.

I got to the terminal and was told the 12:50 sailing was full.  She gave me 2 options – I could go in and wait for the 3:10 sailing as stand-by, since it was also full – or I could leave and come back again to use my reservation for that one, since the reservation is not valid if you arrive more than 60 minutes before sailing.  I chose to leave.

There are some shops close by at Nanimo so I headed over there to wander around a bit and I went to Timmies for coffee and a donut to kill some time.  I returned an hour before the sailing and got in line to get onto the ferry when it arrived.

The drive to the hotel wasn’t too bad.  There were a couple of times where traffic slowed a fair amount, but for the most part, we kept moving.

Once I was checked into my non-upgraded room, Angie came over and we went out for some sushi.  It was delicious and I’m pretty sure we don’t have sushi like that in Winnipeg.

The differences between the 2 rooms is that this one has 2 beds instead of 1 bed and 1 hide-a-bed, there is only 1 phone and 1 TV in this one instead of 2 of each in the upgraded one and this one does not have the dishes and stove, but it still has a microwave, coffee maker and fridge (which is a little larger than the fridge in the upgraded room).  Also, the sink is a little square sink and the faucet is just a regular faucet.  This room is more like a motel, where you park in front of your own door instead of walking in through the lobby.

The rest of the pictures were all taken from the ferry.

4 thoughts on “Day 8 – Fanny Bay to Port Coquitlam

  1. That stained glass is fabulous, and extra wonderful for being so personal! I hardly recognize that skyline shot! A few buildings there that weren’t there when I was in Vancouver. Things change so quickly there.

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    1. Thanks Karen – it was a beautiful picture that Erin took – so the stained glass is also beautiful and looks wonderful hanging in their window. LOL – it is amazing how fast things can change, but seems to take forever when they are doing it!


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