Day 10 – Port Coquitlam to Jasper

I got off to an early start on a cloudy, but dry morning today.  Driving east instead of west, means that I get to look right at the bright sun in the early morning instead of afternoon, but I got lucky to have the clouds with me until almost noon.  Then the sun came out for a beautiful afternoon.

The mountains were absolutely breathtaking again as I got further and further into them.  My route was different from the one I took going to Vancouver as I was heading further north to Jasper where I plan on spending 2 days.  About 1/2 way there I remember that I hadn’t made a reservation in Jasper, but decided that there shouldn’t be a problem mid-week near the end of September anyway – so continued on.

Random views from the drive.


It turns out there was a bit of a problem though as I noticed many ‘NO Vacancy’ signs at  the hotel/motels.  One did not have the NO lit up, so I went in there only to find out that they were full, but they had a sister location up the mountain behind town.  I headed up the mountain and did get a room.  It is a pretty expensive room – but the location and the view are wonderful and the room is really nice.

My home for the next 2 nights – both inside and my outside views.

Dinner at the lodge was Elk steak with sweet potato frites, fruit and a glass of Sangria.  I haven’t seen any wildlife yet – the critters seem to be avoiding me.  Hopefully I will meet up with something interesting tomorrow when I am exploring the area.

A day of driving means I didn’t walk much, so my FitBit wasn’t pleased about that today.  I did manage quite a few flights of stairs though as my room is up on a hill (great view and good uphill walking).