Day 12 – Jasper to Banff

Another beautiful morning and there was no frost on my car windows.  🙂  I took a picture of the mountains from my room in the dark before heading over for breakfast.  Mountains are beautiful even in the dark.


For breakfast this morning I had banana bread french toast and it was delicious.  I didn’t stop to take a picture of it, but ate every bite.  🙂

Then I packed up and got ready to head south to Banff.  I headed first for the same spot where I had seen Elk twice yesterday and once again there was a gorgeous big guy with his beautiful ladies.  A couple of the girls were close to me and hogged the photos, but I did aim a shot at the buck in the distance too.  You can see that there happens to be a man quite close to him.

Then I headed south, stopping along the way for walks around some falls and some scenic views.  Absolutely amazing views and I don’t think I could ever tired of looking at them.

This road has a lot of ups and downs and at one point, we are in the clouds and right at a glacier.  Glaciers are beautiful at a distance, but close up, they are just ice and snow and I get more than enough of that back home in Winnipeg during the winter.  I have never had a desire to get up there and walk on this one, but many people do.

There are tracks through the snow on one of the mountains, so I had to zoom in to take a look, but certainly couldn’t say for sure what made them.  My guess would be Mountain Goats, but so far this trip I haven’t seen any at all.


I got to Banff and found a nice (but expensive) hotel to stay at, but it is just for one night and breakfast is included.  Then I took a drive around an area suggested my my sister, Sharon – which is also a spot I have had lots of success finding critters too – but this time there was absolutely no critters to be found.  I then headed over to another spot where I have had success before – but again – no critters.

I didn’t take pictures of the room for some reason this time, but it was nice. 🙂

It was getting late by then, so I got myself something to eat and headed back to my room for the night.  I will try both those drive again tomorrow before leaving.

The walks around the waterfalls and around Banff were enough to keep my FitBit happy again today.  🙂