Day 13 – Banff to Calgary

After breakfast this morning, I headed back to take those 2 drives, expecting to find the critters that were usually around there.  The Big Horn Sheep have always been around the first drive, but again this morning, they were completely absent.  Luckily it is still a beautiful drive.  When I was almost finished that circle though, I did come across 3 bachelor Elks. They were busy eating to build up strength in order to get a bit further up the pecking order for next year’s rut.

I then headed over to the other drive and had no luck in finding any critters there either, but did take some scenic pictures..  Before heading back into town I went through the first one again, but did not find anything moving in the woods or fields.


I know there is never 100% chance of finding critters in the wild.  You can drive up and down the same road a dozen times and find nothing, but the next day, you might find something on the same roads.

I headed into town, parked the car and was going to walk to pick up something to eat, when I saw a couple of deer in someone’s yard, eating the bushes.  I stopped to take pictures and they walked almost right up to me.  I could have reached out and touched one of them – she was so close.  I believe these are Mule Deer.

Just after noon, I decided to get started on the short drive to Calgary.  Sharon and John allowed me into their home once again and we sat and chatted for awhile before heading out for dinner.  I just realized I didn’t get pictures of them and Misty (their dog) to share with you.

I did not walk as much as I should have today, so my FitBit was disappointed. Tomorrow I will head east and am aiming for Yorkton.

I am going to miss seeing these beautiful mountains.

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