Day 15 – Yorkton to Riding Mountain National Park

Breakfast was served starting at 5:30 am today, so knowing that I was going to loose an hour once I crossed into Manitoba, I decided I might as well get started early.

Other than getting a stone chip on my windshield, the drive was uneventful and I was soon in Riding Mountain National Park.  I drive about 1/2 the speed limit while looking for critters and spent quite a bit of time pulling over as far as I could to let the people in a hurry get by me. The road has plenty of curves and hills, so there are not many places where drivers can see far enough ahead to know if it is safe to pass – and I hate having cars line up behind me.

I pulled into any picnic spots or places to just get out to look around and take pictures.  The fall colours are splendid right now and on a bright sunny day like today, they really looked great.

I settled in at Elkhorn Resort, which is just outside Clear Lake.  This room cost even less than the one at Yorkton, but breakfast is not included here so they may end up about the same.  I do have a Keurig in the room though.

The view outside my window is the corrals and barns belonging to Elkhorn Ranch, which is a riding stable.

The red horse with the white on his forehead was the first one to come and see me when I walked over to the corrals.  He eagerly took some longer grass that I picked from outside the corral, but stayed too close for much of a picture.  The darker horse then came and pushed him away so he could have the grass.  After I left those 2, I walked over to another corral and took the picture of the horse grazing and I called him.  He came over to see me, so I pulled some grass for him- but for some reason, I had my little finger up a bit and he bit my finger instead of getting the grass.  That hurt and it bled a bit – but it was my own fault, so I picked some more for him.  I know he wasn’t trying to bite. I called them all he, but have no idea what they are. 🙂

Then I walked into town and took some “critter” pictures – just in case I don’t get to see any that can move.

I had lunch in town and then headed back.  It was a good walk after a couple of days with not many steps.  I walked past another corral on the way back and both horses in there came to see me – and these 2 just wanted to be pet, which I was happy to oblige.


I assume these are pets belonging to someone who pays a lot of attention to them instead of the riding stable horses.

Then I headed out to the Bison enclosure where I hoped the lack of critters would be ended, but I only saw 2 and they were at a distance.  I couldn’t get good pictures of either of them, but are good enough to show that I saw them as well as more colourful trees.  🙂

After supper at the lodge, I headed back to town  to see if I could get a sunset picture or 2.  I drove this time, since it would be colder and darker when I return.  On the way, I took a picture of some gulls on the beach and saw some deer tracks on the beach as well.   Just before the sun set, I noticed the colours in the trees across the water that were still receiving sun, and I snapped a picture of them too.  After the sunset, the boat was returning from the sunset cruise and I took a picture of it and a sailboat as well.

Another pair of red chairs managed to get into a picture at the sunset   🙂

On the way back to the room, I saw 2 White-tail Deer on the side of the road.  It was starting to get dark after the sunset, but one picture turned out ok, even though we can’t see her head.


My FitBit was very happy with me today.  🙂

Tomorrow, I head for home.

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