Day 16 – Going Home

The plan for today was to get a sunrise picture from the same place I took the sunset picture yesterday (only facing the other way).  🙂  So – I was up and headed over there on this brisk morning.

The sunrise was a dud.  The sun came up without any colours at all – and was not anything to get excited about this morning.  It was still pretty out there with the mist rising off the water and the trees as the sun hit them though.

I did have a Double Crested Cormorant climb onto the dock and give me a couple of poses for pictures. There were several other birds in the water and the gulls on the beach also.

Then I walked over to the Boardwalk to see if I could have some breakfast.  I didn’t realize that they did not serve breakfast until 9am, but when I asked for it, they said they could make it for me anyway. Not many places would be that accommodating.

Breakfast was good and I had a nice chat with the man behind the counter.  Then I went back to my room and checked out so I could drive around a bit before heading home.

Remember that little chip I got on my windshield yesterday?  Well – today it started off as a 6 inch crack.  😦   As I drove around, the 6 inches grew to 10 inches.  I decided it was time to leave now so I would still have a windshield for the drive home.  Just then a White-tail Deer came out of the bush, so I stopped to take a picture before leaving.


The drive home was uneventful – other than the crack growing a couple more inches long.  The crack is right in my line of vision so it is very annoying.

I have made an appointment to have the windshield replaced next week. My plants all survived at home.

Well – it was a wonderful vacation.   Thanks for following me along on it.  🙂

2 thoughts on “Day 16 – Going Home

  1. It was wonderful to share and enjoy your ‘holiday’ with you. Certainly a memorable holiday for you.
    As they say ‘welcome home’ and I’m looking forward to reading more of your blogs
    Mary & Benji x x x x

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