Trees, Flowers, Geese and FitBit

It is time to return to my walks at home – so I took a stroll along the Seine River and my country road on the other side of the river this morning.

The leaves are quickly coming down, but there are still some very pretty colours on them. The Canada Geese are gathering in the fields along my country road and there are still some wildflowers blooming along the road.

My FitBit battery needs to be recharged and I can not find my charger for it anywhere.  I had it while on vacation and I assume it must have fallen out of my suitcase one time when I took the other cords out for the computer and/or cameras.  I have ordered another, but since I didn’t realize it was lost until I got the message that it needed to be charged, I will be without my FitBit until I can get the new one.  I do know approximately how many steps most of my walks are, so will enter them manually, but it is just not the same as having the FitBit showing the green screen when I meet all my goals for the day.

2 thoughts on “Trees, Flowers, Geese and FitBit

  1. Lovely photos of Autumn; it’s such a special time of the year – it’s Spring here and I love that season too. I love the geese too. I am finding that I live by my Garmin step counter – it makes me exercise more which can only be good for me as I love seeing so many steps and trying to be number one stepper for the week. Today I walked into town and back and that was 18,000 plus steps – I don’t usually do this many but it’s a public holiday here in Australia so I took the opportunity to get out and about. Hope you buy a new FitBit soon.


    1. Wow Sue – that is a lot of steps for one walk – good for you. I used to get around that many for a day – but haven’t been doing quite as much lately – usually around 13,000. The FitBit has been ordered and should be here in a couple of days.
      It is just too bad the FitBit can’t control what I eat – LOL – I do love to eat!

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