Moving Plants Around

Vacations are wonderful and I could see myself doing much more traveling, if only I could afford it.  I remember way back when I was a teen that my desire was to be a beach bum.  🙂

Anyway now I am home again and it is time to move a couple of things around in my home.  It is getting cold and my outdoor plants had to come inside yesterday.

My first plan was to just put them in front of the balcony door, since it is unlikely I will be going out on the balcony during the winter.  It just looked too crowded there with the little plants on the small table on one side and the larger plants on the other side and the 2 large planters right in the middle.

The bedroom and livingroom windows are too high to put plants in front, but I could possibly move some of the smaller plants onto the window sills.  That won’t solve where these 2 large plants (my rose and my geraniums) will go.

I have a matching table to the one where the small plants are, and decided that I could maybe stack the tables and put them against the wall at the balcony door.  I didn’t want to stack them where the one table already was because  they would be more stable against a wall.  That meant moving 2 of the larger plants (Norfolk Island Pine and Fiscus),  but the Fiscus went in the spot that the table of small plants had been and the Pine went beside the Orange Tree.  The Pine isn’t doing great anyway – so it may not last long.


So, this is what I had after stacking the tables.  Everything is here, but it is so crowded on the little plant table.  The window view is much better than when I had the outdoor plants in front of it though.


I decided to move the 3 African Violets up to the higher table, which opened things up on the lower level.


I got a good bargain on those tables when my neighbours at the house had a yard sale.  🙂

I might swap the Orange Tree with the Fiscus in front of the window and I may look for something to cover the window sill in the livingroom to put the smaller plants on since it is still a little crowded on the lower shelf.

I received a suggestion on FaceBook to use the floor as one of the levels and this suggestion makes things look better.  Thanks Kathy.


5 thoughts on “Moving Plants Around

  1. I have just finished moving furniture around and giving some away to de-clutter – I really love the minimalist look but with my special ornaments around that I have bought in China…it’s a nice feeling isn’t it Mavis!!

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    1. Thanks iglengel. There are annual dues for the domaine name – I got it right from wordpress. Each year they bill me and you can cancel at any time.


  2. Thanks – don’t know if I responded to you or not as I am trying my best to catch up on my email.
    I will have to give it some further thought as to whether or not I want my own domain name. I guess it will all depend on how long I intend to blog and whether or not I find my niche (still searching for that).

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