Blue Jays & a Couple of Updates

This morning I heard the unmistakable sound of Blue Jays outside my window.  This is the first time I’ve heard (or seen) any Blue Jays since I moved here.  I grabbed my camera and shot some pictures through the balcony windows.  Guess I’ll have to clean these windows one day.

Actually, the windows didn’t mess my pictures up anywhere near as much as the trees did.  I have no idea what kind of trees are growing off my balcony, but the leaves are still green and I haven’t seen any sign of leaves dropping.

Thanks to Midwestern Plant Girl, I know know that the trees are River Birch.  Thanks

So – my pictures aren’t good, but I’m going to post them anyway.

Caught You Looking
See the Blue!

Update 1 – For those of you who were following my recent road trip to British Columbia, I found a video on my camera that for some reason did not get into one of my posts.  I have now added it to Port Coquitlam to Fanny Bay.  The video is the Sea Lions that we watched and the sound is so much fun to listen to – as well as watching these beautiful creatures.

The 2nd update isn’t really an update, but the beginning of a rant.  Hopefully this will be solved quickly and properly, but I am dealing with a crown corporation.  Manitoba Hydro supplies hydro electricity and natural gas to Manitoba.  I currently have 2 accounts with them – the old one from my house (now sold) and my new one at the apartment.  Possession of my house went to the new owners on  August 1st and all was paid to Manitoba Hydro up to the end of July. The last bill I received from them was in September, where it indicated that I had a credit of approximately $60.00.  I asked to have that transferred to my new account, but I left for my vacation to British Columbia a couple of days later and did not follow up on that.  Yesterday I received a bill for hydro/gas at the house.  In this bill they used my credit and are asking for approximately $100.00 more.  Looking a little closer at the September bill now, I see that my credit was actually quite a bit more than $60.00 and they used that to pay the August charges of $160.00 when I did not own the house.  I was thinking at the time that the credit should be higher.  I always paid more than the bill, so I would have a free month or 2 in the fall – although I normally kept the credit until December and January, when other expenses were high.  So – they owe me a very nice refund (plus interest) and they can go after the new owner for August and September.  I will keep you updated on this.

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