Assinibone Park Zoo & More Updates

It was a beautiful day yesterday and it has been awhile since I’ve taken a trip to the Assiniboine Park Zoo – so away I went.  I just brought my little camera with me, since it it always in my purse, and I wasn’t planning on taking many pictures – but I did take a few.

The little camera doesn’t zoom enough to make bars disappear on the cages – so not many pictures of critters behind bars.  I don’t like the bars on cages anyway – it is time to open them up for better viewing.  I am sure the animals don’t enjoy looking through bars any more than we enjoy looking past the bars to see them.  Most of the Journey to Churchill is viewed without bars, but the new large Tiger exhibit can only be viewed through bars.  The tigers were up and moving and it would have been nice to get decent pictures of them.

Anyway, these are the pictures that I took with my little camera – including a couple of critters that were far enough away from the fence that I could zoom in to get at least some of their head showing through the small openings.

The Arctic Foxes were hard to find during the summer (& sometimes impossible), so it was nice to see these 2 out and visible yesterday.  No bars for them.

Just a couple of long-distance and cropped pics of the Wolves.

Polar Bears

This adorable Harbour Seal was watching us as much as we were watching him. These guys don’t usually stop moving, but this one sure did.  🙂

A couple of the Percheron horses in action and the Kangaroos.

As usual, you can click on the pictures to see them larger.

Update #1 – my previous rant problems with Manitoba Hydro were settled with just one phone call after the weekend.  I got lucky and the phone was answered by someone who could see the problem and was able to fix it immediately.  I now have a credit on my new account and that is enough to cover the next 4 months of payments.

Update #2 – and I know many of you have been waiting for the final decision about my plant placement.  😉

The little plants have been moved to the living room window sill.


A few of my little ornaments managed to get on the window sill with my 3 African Violets, my Orchid and my Aloe.

The Spider Plant moved up to the level with the outdoor plants, leaving lots of room for the last 2 smaller plant pots (Jade,  Polka-dot Plant, and Arrowhead Plant) with the Ficus and the Norfolk Island Pine beside them and the Orange Tree beside my computer desk.  One of the African Violet plants had been in the same pot with the Polka-dot and Arrowhead, but it started taking over the whole container, so it got it’s own pot on the window sill. I have a little ornament in its place while the other 2 grow to take over the space.



In the bedroom, the Split-leaf Philodendron (whose leaves do not split because it gets too much light) sits in between my ceramic dog and wooden parrot.

Have a great day!  Get out and enjoy it if you can.  🙂














5 thoughts on “Assinibone Park Zoo & More Updates

  1. Agree about bars but I really don’t like animals in cages at all!! Love the Arctic Foxes – absolutely SO cute…and the Snow Leopards – stunning animals. The wolves look like they have space to roam around so I hope all the other animals do too.

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    1. I agree Sue – cages are not acceptable and although, I believe zoos do have a place, they certainly can make better living places for the critters. The Polar Bears and the Wolves have great homes, but the Wolves are currently in a spot designated for more Polar Bears when necessary. The Polar Bears are all rescues. Most of the herbivores have plenty of space, but all the cats are in cages (most of them too small) and we could do so much better for them.

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