Full Moon

It was still dark when I got up this morning (which is how it will be for the next several months here now that we are heading into winter).  I had an appointment to get the car in to have winter tires put on and the summer ones stored until spring.  There were also a couple more things they wanted to get done, so I was going to have to leave the car there for awhile.

Anyway – back to the darkness when I got up.  I looked out and saw the beautiful full moon.  I have tried to take pictures of the moon before, but they usually are just bright round circles.  This one really looked like the moon though.  The moon must have been at the right spot at the right time that I could zoom in so much to get this shot.


I know people get good and even better pictures than this one – but this is the best shot I’ve ever had of the moon.

After dropping the car off, I decided to take the shuttle to Fort Whyte Alive instead of just coming home.  So – I spent the day there, taking lots of pictures.  When the car was ready, they came back to pick me up and I came home after paying for the work they did.  🙂

I’ll be going through those pictures and will get them posted soon – maybe even tomorrow.

My FitBit was very happy with me today.