Falling into Place

Things are lining up nicely and falling into place lately  🙂

I have been having discussion with my ISP (Shaw) for  a couple of months about virus protection.  Shaw provides McAfee free of charge to all their internet subscribers.  Each subscriber gets 6 licenses  and over the several years I have been with them, I have had computers die and apparently take the license with them.  When I got my laptop this year, I was unable to load McAfee because I had no more licenses.  Each time I talked to, chatted with or emailed Shaw (over several weeks), I was told they could fix it, but it would take a few days. While waiting, I renamed one of the inactive ones to show it was my laptop and re-downloaded McAfee, but although it seemed to be fine, it was always turned off when I turned the laptop on and it still showed as inactive on the site – so it wasn’t working right.  I kept trying and finally yesterday – it worked!  I still have the same inactive ones but I now have 7 listed and the laptop has been added to the active ones.  Someone must have finally figured out that they could push a button to make it work!  🙂  I guess I am fine now until one of my current computers dies. 

You may have seen me mention that I am taking a 1 day trip to Churchill next week.  This has been planned for a very long time –  before I even decided to sell the house.  The only problem I have been having with this trip is trying to figure out how to get to and from the airport.  I live much further away from it than I used to and we have to be there at 6:00 am.  I decided to take the option to spend the night before the trip in a hotel that is close and to take the shuttle that they provide in the morning.  That partially solved the problem – but do I drive to the hotel and if I do, where to I park the car during the day?  I had pretty much decided to take a bus to the hotel in the afternoon and to take a cab home the next night.  That seemed reasonable until I checked into the possible cost of a cab, which ranged from $38. – $62. just for the ride home.  I didn’t want to take a bus home that late at night and looking at the schedule, it would have taken 2 hours plus a 20 minute walk anyway.   Yesterday I decided to phone the hotel to see if they would allow me to leave the car in their lot during the day and to my surprise, she told me that would be fine.  She also told me that when my flight returned, their shuttle could pick me up and bring me back there, even though I don’t have a room booked for that night (just the night before). 


I took this picture at the Journey to Churchill at Assiniboine Park Zoo earlier this year, but I hope to bring home many pictures of Polar Bears living wild and free while I am at Churchill, Manitoba.  With luck, I could also see Arctic Foxes, Snowy Owls, Beluga Whales, Wolves, Ptarmigan, Caribou, and more.  It is also possible that I will see absolutely no wildlife at all.

Two down – One to go.  Next up is my planned trip to Kruger National Park in South Africa.  That one needs a post to itself – coming soon.

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