To Churchill and Home in a Day – Part 1

It was a very long day, but an amazing trip to and around Churchill before returning home again yesterday.  It would have helped if I had a good night’s sleep before leaving, but unfortunately I managed to toss and turn instead of sleeping that night.  It certainly was not the fault of the hotel – the bed and room were great.  I’m sure it was my fear of missing my wake up time, although I had both the alarm clock and my FitBit set to wake me up at 5am.

Some people were already starting to gather in the lobby when I went downstairs around 5am to check-out of my room and grab a coffee.  Don Finkbeiner from Heartland International Travel &Tours was there soon after, to start getting us checked off on his list and ready to go.  There were people from all over the world here to go on this tour.

Soon he had us onto the bus and over to the terminal to get checked in there for the journey.  Calm Air was the airline and they did a couple of plane switches on us.  The 2nd switch was because they were having trouble fueling it, but no idea why the first switch was made.  We were only told it was a slightly larger plane. We were finally on our way and managed to make up most of the lost time in flight.

We were on top of the clouds during the flight, so not much to look at, but we had breakfast to take up some of the time.  I did take a few pictures of the sunrise (since no clouds above the clouds to prevent our view of it), and I took pictures of the top of the clouds and the terrain around Churchill as we went back through and under the clouds.  Such an interesting, but barren looking land and no Polar Bears in sight from the air.

It was -2C under cloudy skies with a bit of snow and quite windy when we landed.

If you click on one of the pictures, you can scroll through them in a larger size.

We were met at the airport by a young man in a green school bus who took us out to the Tundra Buggy Adventure where we would get on our tundra buggy and spend the next several hours.  I took more pictures of the landscape during this drive.


A man with a rifle patrolled the tundra buggy area to make sure we were all safe when transferring from the bus to the buggy.  These tundra buggies are BIG with huge tires!   If you saw the condition of the trails we drove on, you will understand the need for these huge tires.  Then we met Kevin, our driver who went over the rules – for our own safety.  Basically, the ride is very rough and everyone must be sitting while the vehicle is in motion.  The other main rule is NO FEEDING THE WILDLIFE!  This is a very important rule in many places as feeding wildlife often signs a death warrant for that animal.  I didn’t get a picture of Kevin’s tundra buggy, but snapped one of a similar one parked beside ours once we were settled inside it.

I am so sorry I caught Kevin in a blink as he was explaining the rules, but this is the only picture I got of him.

We had some great sightings.  🙂     Here is part 2.