Fort Whyte Alive – November

It was such a beautiful morning today, that I knew it was time for a visit to Fort Whyte to see what critters might be around and have a nice walk in the fresh air and sunshine.

I saw and/or heard a lot more than I got pictures of, since many of the critters (especially the birds) seem to have special training in avoiding cameras – but I still managed quite a few pictures.

Canada Geese

Mallard Ducks

White-tail Deer

Red Squirrels


Nests (birds, wasps,critters?)



My guess was that these belonged to a Raccoon, but I’ve never seen one there, so wasn’t sure.  I’ve been advised that they do indeed belong to a Raccoon and I probably just missed this critter (which is also what I thought).


My FitBit was happy with me today.  🙂

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