Flocks of Geese and Project Finished (Maybe)

This morning as I was sitting at my computer with my cup of coffee, I noticed (and heard) flocks of geese flying right by.  If I lived on the top floor, I’m sure that I could have almost touched them.  When they were still coming a few minutes later, I decided to take the camera out to the balcony and see what I could capture on it.

By then it was slowing down, but I did manage to get a few pictures.


I will have to practice on flying birds to see if I can manage to get clearer pictures one day.

This morning I went out to get a little brush to get into the little spots on the filing cabinet that the roller wouldn’t reach.  It only took a few minutes to get that finished, but while I was there, I spotted a bottle of glitter glue and I got that too.

What do you think?  Should I add some sparkle to the cabinet?  It is blue glitter (I love black and blue together) and I don’t even know if it will show up on the black paint.  The glitter bottle is much smaller than it looks in the picture.  😉

My friend Karen from Kingston Cam tells me that she has a similar file cabinet that she is thinking about painting.  I bet hers won’t be black though.  You should see the kitchen chairs she painted.


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