A Day Trip to Riding Mountain National Park – Nov 9

It is a long way to go for a day trip – although not as far as it was to Churchill for my day trip there – but the flight time to Churchill was less than the drive time to RMNP.

Anyway – the weather here is just so gorgeous, that I had to take a quick trip there to see what I could see.  I left around 5:30 am and shortly after 8:30 am, I drove into the park.

As usual, I slowed down as soon as I entered to make it easier to search for critters.  Others are always in a hurry, so I would pull over as far as I could to let them zoom by me.

First stop was at the road to the Wishing Well.  A Gull was floating on the calm waters of Clear Lake and a Magpie stopped moving long enough for a photo.  I also took a picture of Clear Lake and the calm waters while I was there.

It is  a nice drive past the Wishing Well on a narrow road that ends up back on the main highway and then continued north.  I was heading for Moon Lake where a lot of people manage to see Moose, but so far I haven’t had any luck finding them myself.  I stopped at Spruces for a look around and took a picture & then continued.


By the time I got to Moon Lake, I was hungry, since I had eaten breakfast at 5 am and it was now 10:30 am.  I ate my sandwich before going out for a walk to the lake to take more pictures.

The dark spot catches me each time I’ve been there – at a distance it looks like a bear.

When I got back to the car, I decided to eat my fruit before heading back out.  As I reached for my lunch bag, I looked out the passenger window and saw a Black Bear at the end of the parking lot heading my way. 🙂  He was just slowly wandering over, but there were some large trees in between us.

When he got really close to the trees, a guy drove in and drove right up to the bear and scared him away.  😦  Then he drove back close to me (where he could have parked in the first place and allowed the bear to continue his walk towards us).  He got out of the car and walked over to the lake (where the bear headed).  Probably to make sure he was completely chased away so I couldn’t get any more pics.  In reality – he has no idea how to view wildlife – just how to chase them.  😦

I waited awhile after he left just in case the bear came back – but no luck, so I headed back south.  As I slowly drove, a White-tail deer passed me in the ditch on the left – LOL – that’s how slow I was driving.  She bounded along with her tail up and then I saw a 2nd one following and then a Buck following the 2 does.  As the first one disappeared into the bush, I suddenly remembered that I had a camera with me and I snapped one quick picture before the other 2 completely disappeared.  It is not a great photo, but it is nice to have with the explanation.  One of the does came back out again twice further along, but I didn’t see the other doe or the buck, so maybe they were busy.  I am guessing that the 2 does were the mother and her almost adult baby – but I could be wrong.  They were moving pretty fast.


Just before I started moving again, a Snowshoe Hare bounded across the road.  This guy was already pure white in anticipation of the snow, so he stood out now.  I wasn’t fast enough to get a picture of him at all.

I then went back through the Spruces and then to the Wishing Well road, but entered from the other end.  I was stopped by a Ruffed Grouse this time and it posed very nicely for a few pictures for me.

Two more scenic pictures – one of the sky and clouds and one taken on the road to the buffalo enclosure where I stopped for a couple of minutes.

I headed further south and took a drive through the town before getting back on the highway to head for home.  What a great day!

6 thoughts on “A Day Trip to Riding Mountain National Park – Nov 9

  1. Thank you for sharing your nice trip, Mavis 🙂 Otherwise I wouldn’t have seen this beautiful park. What a shame to scare the bear away. Why visit a park like this, when he didn’t wish to respect the animals living in there. I seems crazy to me. I have only seen bears in zoo’s many years ago, never in natural.

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    1. Thanks Irene. It is a beautiful park and I hadn’t been there for years until this year. Now I’ve been back a few times this summer and if the roads are ok, I may head there in the winter too. Bears will be sleeping, but lots of other critters there that I haven’t seen yet. 🙂

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