It’s Been Awhile

It’s been awhile since I walked down the little country road on the other side of the Seine River.  I’ve started to go a few times, but it isn’t as quiet as it used to be as others have obviously discovered it.  When I see I am following people I usually go somewhere else, since they would disturb any wildlife along there.

This morning I went anyway.  I didn’t see any wildlife except for geese flying overhead, but it is still a nice walk.  At the end, where I usually turn around, I decided to follow a trail that went between the railway tracks and the farmer’s field.  I’ve often wondered how far I would be able to go on it. It was a dead end trail and I had to go back, but it was good to have a reason to stay out in the fresh air a little longer.



The leaves are all gone now and the colours are muted, but there is no snow or ice to be found yet.  Great weather for mid November.

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