From my Window

Last night, I noticed that the condos next door have Christmas lights on their trees  – so I took a picture.  I have to work on night pictures obviously, but here it is.2016-11-15-nov-16-16-001-800x400

This morning, I was looking at the dark clouds (our break from winter will soon be over), so I took cloud pictures.

Some Canada Geese managed to get into a couple of pictures.  Have a good trip south!

Then I noticed that some of the trees still had a leaf or 2 hanging on, so I zoomed in on them too.

The last pictures were actually taken first, in the early morning yesterday and the day before.    To me, the moon didn’t look any different, but I wasn’t seeing it at the horizon, where it was supposed to look much larger than normal.  I decided to zoom in on it anyway to see what it looked like closer up.  All the moon pictures were taken from my balcony.

Morning of November 14th
Morning of November 14th

Morning of November 15th

On the 15th, I brought my tripod out so I could keep the camera steady enough to use more zoom.

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