Riding Mountain National Park November – Day 2

I like to have breakfast when I get up, but I didn’t bring anything with me to eat and the restaurant doesn’t open until 7:00 am.  According to the weather forecast, the sunrise should be shortly after 8:00 am and at the speed I drive in the park, it would take about an hour to drive to Moon Lake where I plan on watching.  So I made myself a cup of coffee and headed out before 7am without my breakfast.  I will be better prepared next time.  🙂

It was dark and because of the freezing rain last night, I was extra cautious on the road, but the work put in by the road crew last night, kept the roads in good condition for driving, so I didn’t have to worry.  I didn’t see any critters on the drive to Moon Lake and it was starting to get light by the time I got there.

Moon Lake was amazingly serene and beautiful in the early morning light.  The sun hadn’t come up yet, but I was snapping pictures and just taking in the fresh air and beauty of the place.  It looks like the lake is pretty much frozen and the ice is nice & smooth.  I haven’t been camping in many years, but that is where my thoughts were as I enjoyed the peaceful beauty.  I may have to look into the purchase of camping gear, but I know that it would not be this peaceful during the summer when there are lots of campers around.

I took a picture of the moon above me and a bird flying overhead also.  Wasn’t sure what the bird was until I got home and checked the picture.  One of my many “not good, but it’s the best I could get” pictures – but at least you can see that it is a Bald Eagle (I hope).  I also kept looking over my shoulder behind me, thinking that I might be in the wrong place for the sunrise, because it looked like it was coming up in another spot.

I decided to start heading back, but stopped on the road to get one rising sun picture. Then I stopped at Grayling Lake to get more scenic pictures and another rising sun.

This is the first time I’ve stopped at Grayling Lake, but it is a very nice little spot to visit.  There was some open water here, but much of this lake was also frozen.

Both Grayling and Moon Lakes are on the right hand side of the road heading north, which would indicate that they are east of the road and a good place to see the sunrise.  The road is not straight though and at Moon Lake, you are looking more north across the lake, which is why the sun was coming up off to the side and behind me.

I took a picture of a map and it clearly shows the picnic area is at the south end of the lake, so I could have gone to the campground or followed the trail and  got my sunrise picture right there.  Another tip for next time.  🙂  Here is the map.


I enjoyed my morning outing in the search for the sunrise anyway, but now it is time to head back and get some breakfast.

The rest of this day will continue tomorrow.

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