I think I’ve Got it Right Now

I’ve made a couple of variations of the meat pie made using the crescent dinner rolls as the crust, but I tried something a little bit different today. The meat part can be whatever you like, but my favourite is ground beef, mushrooms, fresh spinach and cream of mushroom soup.  I don’t measure anything.  … Continue reading I think I’ve Got it Right Now

The Balcony

I have never had a balcony before, and I have now learned one thing since our first snowstorm. It is best to leave a sliding screen door open for the winter. I had noticed that some of the suites had their screen door in the open position and I had no idea why.  I didn’t… Continue reading The Balcony

A Review of 2016

A lot has happened int he last year – as usual.  I thought I would provide a little review, with my top events and favourite pictures. January – I started a system in January as a way to save money and worked at it for a few months before things changed. Money Matters Also, Chester… Continue reading A Review of 2016

A Break in the Cold Snap – the end

Well –  not the end of the end of the cold snap yet, but the end of my few hours at Fort Whyte Alive on Monday.  It is still very mild and has been snowing off and on for the last couple of days. As I was returning to the reception area in order to… Continue reading A Break in the Cold Snap – the end

A Break in the Cold Snap – continued

After leaving the Deer back at the reception area I wandered down one of the paths into the woods.  I rounded a corner and saw more Deer at the bird hide (where they are bird feeders).  There were about 5 or 6 of them, but these ones did not make it easy for me to… Continue reading A Break in the Cold Snap – continued

A Break in the Cold Snap

I didn’t believe the forecast when it had the temperature going from around -30C (not including the wind chill) to -7C in a day – but that is exactly what happened.  This morning it was -8C when I got up and right now at 3:00 pm, it is -2C!  Amazingly enough, these temperatures are supposed… Continue reading A Break in the Cold Snap

December Word Cloud

Depending on where you are in the world, December can be winter or summer, but chances are that you celebrate a holiday and spend time with family wherever you are.  Here in most of Canada where I live, we can be guaranteed cold weather with snow.  Thanks to Tagul – Word Cloud Art  for this… Continue reading December Word Cloud

Just 10 Days Until Christmas

Wow – time flies when you’re having fun. I wandered around St. Vital Centre and took a few pictures of the Season. The main attraction there is Santa Claus. When it is busy, the lineup to visit Santa goes over the bridge and fills the area behind him.  It was very quiet when I was… Continue reading Just 10 Days Until Christmas

A Little Snow Here – a Little Snow There

I wouldn’t mind snow so much if it didn’t mean cold weather and if it didn’t stay so long.  It came late this year, so we might only have it for 4-5 months or so – but if it disappeared right after Christmas, I would be very happy.  🙂 It does look pretty, but so… Continue reading A Little Snow Here – a Little Snow There

Cleaning Up After the Storm

The winter storm lasted 2 – 2.5 days, but has now stopped and the temperature is dropping quickly.  Parts of the province had more of a blizzard, but in Winnipeg, it was just classified as a winter storm. I looked up the definition of blizzard and the #1 American condition is “A blizzard is a… Continue reading Cleaning Up After the Storm