A Fort Whyte Morning in December

It was time for a nice walk and where better to go than Fort Whyte Alive?  So, that is where I went this morning.

I was surprised that my first sighting was about a dozen Mallard Ducks.  I thought they would have been long gone by now – but there was still plenty of open water on the large lakes and they were using it.



I did see one lone Canada Goose fly by, honking for his friends or family – I hope he finds them before too long.  I saw 2 large flocks fly by my apartment yesterday.  They didn’t look like they would be stopping soon.

I followed a trail to one of the bird feeding stations.

There I found Chickadees, a squirrel and what looks like a good place for Santa to sit.

We don’t have a lot of snow, but the little we have sure changes how things look now.  The trail was slippery due the the slush we had when it first snowed that changed into ice as it froze.


This looks like deer and squirrel tracks to me – along with my own footprints.

You can see larger pictures if you click on them.  🙂

More snowy scenes, along with a couple of squirrel houses (I assume) and a couple of Bison.

It was a cloudy morning with a temperature hovering around -4C,  with no wind and the air was fresh so it was nice walking along the trails.  Other than one noisy school group, it was quiet and peaceful.  🙂

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