First Winter Storm of the Season

It is only the first and it is only a storm – certainly not a blizzard, but it is snowing and blowing today.  The temperature is a balmy -2C so nothing to complain about.

The roads are a mess though and travel is not recommended with extremely reduced visibility on the highways.  The main streets in the city here will be quite passable, but parking lots wherever you might want to go may not have been plowed yet and there may be vehicles stuck in snowbanks.

So – I am staying put and watching people from my window while sitting at my computer.

I am amazed that so many people who live here have shovels.  Maybe I shouldn’t have been so quick in giving mine away.  I hope the management here will get plows in to clear the lot and will give us notice so we have our vehicles out of the way.

I watched one couple leave here earlier.  He shoveled around the car so he could get it out, while she brushed the snow off the car.  Nice teamwork.  When they returned, he parked in front of the door to drop her off and he left the car there and shoveled his spot out completely before parking it.  For the next 10 minutes, he walked around the car, removing every snowflake that dared to land on it.  Now, 10 minutes after he finished and went inside, the top of the car is white again.


I watched someone get stuck while backing the car out of their space and 3 people arrived to push it out.  The car was blocking their exit, so they didn’t have much choice if they wanted to get out and luckily they got their car moving without any difficulty.


This storm is expected to continue through tomorrow and as it is on the way out, the temperature is probably going to take a dive down to -20C and below.

Since I don’t have a shovel, I will have to sneak over the snow at the window on my balcony to plug in the lights tonight.


I just realized while looking at this last picture (which was taken first today), that the cleaned off red car is pretty white here – behind and over to the right of the red car that shows right off my balcony.

My car is going to stay where it is until the storm is over and the streets are in good condition again, which shouldn’t take long after the storm ends.  More and more people are digging their cars out and leaving now though.  I am hopeful that my snow tires will get me out when it is time for me to go anywhere.

Here is an article on the storm –

8 thoughts on “First Winter Storm of the Season

    1. LOL Blosslyn – we really haven’t had much snow at all – maybe 4 inches (haven’t heard anything on the amount, but that is about what it looks like). It is still coming down and still very windy, so no idea about tomorrow though.Normally we would have between 1-2 feet of snow by now.

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      1. Ha ha…. well 4 inches would bring the UK to a stand still, 1-2 feet of snow, would be the end of civilisation as we know it, nothing would move…… I’m not sure how you get to move around and how everyday life goes in that amount of snow. I suppose you get use to it and have ways of dealing with that amount. I just wonder why, if you have more normally more, wheres it all gone 🙂

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        1. Blosslyn, it varies from year to year anyway, but this is about the latest we have ever got snow. Some winters are bitterly cold with hardly any snow and some are quite mild with a ton of snow. We are just prepared for the ton of snow each year because that is quite common – but so are the bitterly cold winters.


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