Cleaning Up After the Storm

The winter storm lasted 2 – 2.5 days, but has now stopped and the temperature is dropping quickly.  Parts of the province had more of a blizzard, but in Winnipeg, it was just classified as a winter storm.

I looked up the definition of blizzard and the #1 American condition is “A blizzard is a severe snow storm with winds in excess of 35 mph and visibility of less than a 1/4 mile for more than 3 hours.”

The western part of the province certain had that, since the Trans Canada Highway was closed for 2 days from the Saskatchewan border until Portage la Prairie, which is about 40 miles from Winnipeg.  Most of the secondary roads were also closed both south and north of the Trans Canada along that area.

I then searched for a Canadian definition and here it is “ In Canada the official national meteorological service definition of a blizzard is a period of 6 or more hours with winds above 40 km/h, with visibility reduced to below 1 km by blowing or drifting snow, and with windchills over 1600 W/ m2 (watts per square metre).

So, in Canada (at least in Winnipeg), it wouldn’t be a blizzard because the temperature was relatively mild.  We certainly had the wind and the snow, but with temperatures of 0C to -2C, I’d say we didn’t have the windchill – at least not in Winnipeg.

The main streets here have now been cleared, along with many of the back lanes and the residential street cleanup begins today.

This is my first winter in an apartment, except for one year when I was much younger.  Back then, the apartment owners would give everyone notice to get their car off the lot and leave it off for several hours so they could clean it.  I expected the same here, but it is very different.

First, I noticed several people with shovels, who cleaned off their own spots.  Then I noticed a few who were cleaning several spots and I assume they were being paid to do this.  The first night of the storm a plow came in and cleared the main aisles and after it left, all the ones who cleared the spaces went out and shoveled the ridges back out onto the aisles.  There were a few who carried shovelfuls over to an out-of-the-way spot, but most did not.

The aisles were getting to be a mess and people were getting stuck and then pushed to get in or out of their spots.  I’ve got a great spot to watch all the fun.  🙂

Last night the plow was back again and cleared the aisles – followed by people running out to shovel the ridges back into the aisles again.


I obviously should have turned my lights off before taking this picture, but you can see the plow and you can see some of the shoveled spots at the back of the lot as well as some that have not been touched.


I don’t have a shovel – I gave them all away when I sold the house and I have no intention of buying another one or paying someone to shovel.  I will just continue to drive in and out of my snowy spot until spring unless the apartment eventually tells us all to move our vehicles so they can plow properly.  My spot actually isn’t too bad, since I left the car there for most of the storm.

Here are a couple more pictures that I just took this morning.



The temperature is currently -17C and is expected to drop during the day and night.

3 thoughts on “Cleaning Up After the Storm

  1. Oh my goodness Mavis how cold is it there; I can’t believe it. The coldest I have been in was also in Canada (Halifax) where the wind chill factor made it around minus 20. I did love it there though.

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    1. Thanks for the comment Sue. -20C including the windchill factor would be fairly mild around here. But you must remember that we know how to dress for the cold and our buildings and vehicles are well heated. I am fine until it reaches -35C or so and if it is windy then -30C would be my limit. At -20C we plug our vehicle block heaters in when we leave the cars outside so we shouldn’t have trouble starting one after it has been out in the cold. Right now it is -16C with the windchill making it feel like -19C, so not bad for mid December.

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