A Little Snow Here – a Little Snow There

I wouldn’t mind snow so much if it didn’t mean cold weather and if it didn’t stay so long.  It came late this year, so we might only have it for 4-5 months or so – but if it disappeared right after Christmas, I would be very happy.  🙂

It does look pretty, but so do flowers,  green grass and trees.

After breakfast, I drove around and stopped a few times to take some random pictures.  I will start with one I took yesterday for my FaceBook challenge to take one picture a day for 365 days.


This was at the end of one aisle in my apartment’s parking lot that I took in the morning yesterday and it was gone by the afternoon.  It was piled into trucks and removed.

The rest of the pictures were taken this morning.

The Y, where I worked for the last 16 years.  This was today’s picture #18 of 365 pictures.

And now some residential street views.


These 2 pictures are opposite sides of a pile of snow in the St. Vital Shopping Centre parking lot.  This is just the start.  The piles will be mountains before long.


The last 2  (above & below) are the piles of snow that end up on street corners.  Both of these are about 5 feet tall now, so it is already getting difficult to see past them when you come to a stop sign and need to see if any vehicles are coming.  The piles generally get higher all winter long and are seldom removed from residential corners, but are removed from main streets.


We have beautiful blue skies this morning, which is nice to see.  The only problem with the blue sky is that the temperature drops.  Right now it is -23C with a windchill that makes it feel like -27C.  Tonight it is expected to go down to -26C with a windchill of -32C.  Now we are in a Winnipeg winter.

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