Just 10 Days Until Christmas

Wow – time flies when you’re having fun.

I wandered around St. Vital Centre and took a few pictures of the Season.

The main attraction there is Santa Claus.

When it is busy, the lineup to visit Santa goes over the bridge and fills the area behind him.  It was very quiet when I was there yesterday.


There are 2 of these huge fireplaces one at each end of the food court and each fireplace is open on both sides, meaning 4 of these huge wreaths are hanging above the fireplaces.  Maybe I shouldn’t have cropped all the people out of the photo, so it would give a better indication of the size, but it is at least 10 feet  or just over 3 meters tall and wide.

And just to end, I’ll show you today’s photo in my 365 days of photos.


The sun was trying to get past the clouds and I believe the result is called a sun dog, but if anyone knows for sure, please let me know.  It looked pretty anyway.  🙂



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