A Break in the Cold Snap

I didn’t believe the forecast when it had the temperature going from around -30C (not including the wind chill) to -7C in a day – but that is exactly what happened.  This morning it was -8C when I got up and right now at 3:00 pm, it is -2C!  Amazingly enough, these temperatures are supposed to remain for the next few days.

I decided to get over to Fort Whyte Alive and take advantage of the balmy day.

I saw the most deer I have ever seen there although they were not very cooperative in posing for me.  Several of them made sure they were behind trees or bushes, but some of them, especially near the reception area did allow some photos.  🙂


Just outside the reception, I stopped to take a picture of the deck and lake.  This is where the Mallard Ducks were last time I was here.  I then turned around to see these 2 Deer.





After a couple of pictures, the male says that’s it – I’m leaving, and he put his tail up and trotted away.


I headed inside to see the Burrowing Owls and both of them (I think there are only 2) were on the windows sills looking out.  I’ve never seen them up there before.  They both flew down – one to a burrow and the other to a rock, to pose for me.


The one at the burrow was right in direct sun.




A couple more scenic pictures and I will end this for the day – to be continued tomorrow.