A Break in the Cold Snap – the end

Well –  not the end of the end of the cold snap yet, but the end of my few hours at Fort Whyte Alive on Monday.  It is still very mild and has been snowing off and on for the last couple of days.

As I was returning to the reception area in order to go over to the bush on the other side where the Bison are, I saw 3 more Deer.  They were in the same place as the first two when I had just walked in.









I think someone must have thrown a bunch of birdseed in this spot because it kind of looks like that might be what they are eating and otherwise there really wouldn’t be anything here to eat other than grass if they dig down.  They don’t seem to be digging down.

These 3 did not seem too concerned that I was watching them and taking pictures, but they did keep an eye on me.

I finished my walk around the rest of the centre, snapped a couple more pictures and headed for home.  Here are my Bison and one last scenery picture.





The Bison were pretty lazy.

6 thoughts on “A Break in the Cold Snap – the end

  1. Really amazing good photos, as you got here Mavis 🙂
    Often deer’s are running, when they see people, so not so easy to photograph.
    I think, that the bison’s had their time to get their food through their several stomachs, then they seem very quiet, just like the cows.

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